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About Us

Black Butterfly Virtues is a life connect group for women of all ages. It is our belief that once healthy relationships are re-established and a God-designed purpose is not only sought out, but walked out, there is no limit to what each Woman of Virtue can achieve!

We are not counselors. But, We are a group of women who hold an earnest heart for the Whole Woman. We are comprised of experienced mentors, many of which have faced similar challenges in her own personal life - from single parenting, divorce, abuse, neglect or unhealthy relationships.

BBV is based on the belief that our guests' and friends' needs are of the utmost importance and that every vice the enemy throws at us, there is a virtue of restoration Christ has given us to make us whole and to walk in the fullness of what we have been designed and created for.

Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, we believe that once you can reach a level of newness and wholeness in your life, it becomes that much easier to reach out and "Pay it Forward" to someone else.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you to be the best YOU... you can be! So, Be-Come on Purpose.

On Purpose,

Andrea G. Terrell (Niecey)


2017 Core Team:

Dana Grundy

Tiffany Lotus

BBV Original Founding Core Team, est. 2010:

Dana Grundy

Rochelle Benton

Gail Thomas

Tina (Moses) Royster

Office: 918-324-6373